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Caution: this section is for information only. Your specific circumstance may require certain variations. Me Loiselle's firm cannot under any circumstances be held responsible for this information with regard to your particular case. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

What is small claims jurisdiction?

For any claim up to $15,000, excluding interest, or for the resolution, termination or cancellation of a contract for which the value and, if applicable, the amount claimed does not exceed $15,000 each.

Can I be represented before the Régie du logement?

Yes, unless the request is for the recovery of $15,000 or less. If the application includes another conclusion, such as the termination of the lease, the person may be represented by counsel.

Should I publish my commercial lease on the land register?

Yes, the publication of your lease protects you in the event of a sale of the building to a third party.

If the final judgment is in my favour, will I get a refund of the lawyer's fees paid?

No. In principle, lawyers' fees are not refundable, unless there has been an abuse of a legal process by the opposing party.

When can I execute my judgment?

After the expiry of the appeal deadlines.

How long do I have to execute my judgment?

The judgment is valid for a period of 10 years.


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